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OTT believes that real high quality products are those that will always perform satisfactorily for consumers for a relative long time in the future and they are the products that will lead the trend and bring surprises and trust to consumers. OTT manufacures high quality products, also high quality products are from OTT.

  • Shaoxing enterprise research and development center
  • High-tech enterprise
  • SAA Electrical safety certification
  • WaterMark certification
  • ISO9001 System certification
  • ISO14001 System certification


63 patents design, to build high-tech enterprise

Since 2005, OTT products have obtained multiple certifications such as SASO/PAL in the Middle East, Australian Watermark, SAA, AGA, Ocenamark,

European Union CE, KTL in Korea, and PSB in Singapore, and has obtained more than 60 kinds of patents.

  • 21
    pcs appearance design patents
  • 37
    pcs practical new type patents
  • 5
    pcs national invention patentsÿ

Products Core Advantages

OTT uses innovative technology to create energy saving and environmental protection products

  • 700Pa/static pressure

    Solve the problem of public flue congestion and lampblack backflow in high-rise residential buildings, and really open up a green and clear high-speed channel for the flue exhaust of your home.

  • Safety Pro protection system

    Safety Pro protection system, safe and perfect protection

  • Jingang 5D combustion system, up to national first-class standard

    High air volume of 17m3/min provides your kitchen with surging power

  • Professional certification/quality assurance

    OTT products have obtained multiple certifications such as SASO/PAL in the Middle East, Australian Watermark, SAA, AGA, Ocenamark,European Union CE, KTL in Korea, PSB in Singapore, ISO9001 and ISO14001.

  • Food grade silicone titanium inner cylinder

    With imported enamel, which is uniformly coated on the super special steel plate after degreasing and shot blasting with the fully automatic wet spray technology. The enamel is sintered at 900 ℃ to completely Corrosion resistance, anti - boiling water weight loss of OTT silicone titanium inner cylinder meets Y Class standerd and its performance reaches an advanced level

Perfect after-sales service system

OTT implements a 24-hour rapid service system to actively respond to customers' needs and strive to solve customers' problems as soon as possible.

  • Products 10 core accessories plan
  • After-sales system construction
  • After-sales system construction